Angela Gheorghiu and Roberto Alagna on their peformance in L'elisir d'amore
John Ardoin, 1998, published on

Mr. Alagna, how do you see Nemorino?

RA: For me, he is not so naive. He is young man in love. Of course,
when you are in love, you are a little bit naive. But you also tend to
panic. When Nemorino thinks Belcore is going to take Adina from him, he
becomes very strong, and also a bit dangerous. I think he would like to
kill Belcore.

Tell me, Ms. Gheorghiu, does Adina really love Nemorino at the
beginning of the opera, or does she only later realize what he means to

AG: I think she always felt something for him. After all, the opera
takes place in only two days, and it is impossible to fall in love in
such a short time. Besides, having grown up in the same small village, I
think they have known each other from childhood. But she probably seemed
a bit beyond him -- she was richer, she liked to read. She has more
interests than the others in village.

But she is jealous when he shows interest in other girls.

AG: Of course! It's always this way.

In real life too?

RA: In real life it's worse!

Though their first performance together was in "La Boheme," Angela
Gheorghiu and Roberto Alagna soon found their own elixir of love.

What about this production? It's certainly not your standard L'ELISIR.

AG: I think it is very realistic and very Italian. They just changed
the period.

RA: Yes, it is set between the two World Wars -- the 1930s. I think it
is very interesting, and for me it was easier to identify with the

AG: We had a lot of fun with it. I felt so comfortable with the
production, and I especially loved my costumes.

RA: She was very beautiful!

What about the music? Donizetti is good for the voice, isn't it?

AG: Oh, yes. It's like a massage. But singing ELISIR is no joke. We
have a lot to sing, and our big arias come at the end, after we have
been singing all evening. We are rarely ever off stage.

RA: But for a singer it is more than music. It is a gift.

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